Lahn Joins Shadow Arena Roster With New Gameplay Overview Video

Pearl Abyss launched a new character for their arena fighter, Shadow Arena, available free-to-play on PC-via Steam Early Access now.

Players can choose to play as Lahn, a mid-ranged combatant who uses a Cresent Pendulum and Noble Sword as a weapon, which allows her to control the distance between her and her enemies. She also has a primary skill, Winter Petal, where she throws her Pendulum at the enemy and closes the gap between them quickly.

Additionally, players will find a new Ancient Weapons mode where players can create a channel a start with Laytenn’s Power core and Puturum’s Power Core. Using the cores, players can summon Ancheint Weapons to assist them in battle.

Shadow Arena pits 40 players against one another on a battlefield and only requires them to be the last one standing. Players are able to choose from nine playable characters during the beta, each with their own unique fighting style.

In order to get ahead in a match, players will need to hunt monsters and collect loot to upgrade their gear and gain buffs. However, battles also come down to well-timed evasive tactics and skill usage.

You can watch the new trailer for Lahn as she shows off her skills in Shadow Arena below:

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