Arena Fighter ‘Shadow Arena’ Opens Registration For Upcoming Closed Beta

Pearl Abyss announced that they will host a closed beta for their upcoming arena fighter Shadow Arena, coming to PC-via Steam in 2020, and consoles later.

The closed beta will be available from February 27 through March 8. Players interested can sign up at the game’s official website.

Shadow Arena pits 40 players against one another on a battlefield and only requires them to be the last one standing. Players are able to choose from nine playable characters during the beta, each with their own unique fighting style.

In order to get ahead in a match, players will need to hunt monsters and collect loot to upgrade their gear and gain buffs. However, battles also come down to well-timed evasive tactics and skill usage.

Shadow Arena was originally a game within Black Desert. Eventually, the developer saw potential in its systems and it evolved into a stand-alone game. While Shadow Arena does draw from Black Desert, it also has unique aspects about its gameplay and draws inspiration from the MOBA, battle royale, and MMO genres. The game currently has two gameplay modes, solo, and team. Skills are needs to survive through solo mode, but team-based modes will require more strategy.

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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