Seven Seas Announces New Acquisitions Including My Boss is a Giant and I Can’t Refuse S

Seven Seas Entertainment announced three new manga and one light novel acquisition of titles coming west. The publisher is busy beefing up their 2023 lineup, but these titles are scheduled to release in 2024. Readers get to look forward to each of these announcements in the future through print and digital releases.

My Boss is a Giant: He Manages My Every Need With Enormous Skill!

MyBossIsAGiant img

By KamuC

Natsumi, also known as “Ham-chan,” hustles at a demanding office job like a hamster running in a wheel. Meanwhile, her boss Samejima is more like a shark. He’s handsome, sure, but he’s also imposing and scary…at least, until he confesses his feelings for her?! Natsumi is a little overwhelmed at seeing a vulnerable side to this gigantic man, especially since she doesn’t have a lot of experience in the love department, but she’s secretly thrilled to see more. Together, this big boss with a carnivorous appetite and the smaller woman who’s hungry for his love are ready to unleash their wild sides!

My Boss is a Giant: He Manages My Every Need With Enormous Skill! – The Complete Manga Collection will be released for the first time in North America in January 2024 for $24.99.

I Can’t Refuse S

ICantRefuseS img

By Ai Hibiki

Miku is in a bind: her father has taken on too much debt, subjecting her family to so much work and stress that now her mother has fallen ill. Miku is willing to do what it takes to help her family, so she offers to become a wealthy benefactor’s mistress to raise the cash they need! Unfortunately, that alone isn’t enough—the wealthy man has a preference for women who are experienced in bed, and Miku is anything but. That’s when the man’s butler, Kamishiro, steps in. The gorgeous but sharp-tongued Kamishiro is blunt: he says he’s been sent to train Miku in the sexual arts. Under his hot and heavy tutelage, can Miku become experienced enough to inflame the desire of any man…including her teacher?

I Can’t Refuse S Vol. 1 will be released for the first time in North America in September 2023 for $14.99.

Revenge: Kaedama Kon

Revenge img

By Sayo Momota

Beautiful, charismatic Mitsuki has it all. She’s got so much, in fact, that she sends her more timid sister Tsukiko on dates disguised as her so Mitsuki doesn’t miss out on other things. But one such body swap backfires after Mitsuki gets engaged: Mitsuki asks Tsukiko to stand in for her at a wedding planning meeting, and Tsukiko ends up falling into bed with Mitsuki’s groom-to-be! Tired of playing second fiddle to her beautiful sister, Tsukiko decides to take something for herself for a change. In this startling tale of intrigue and romance, revenge is a dish best served steaming hot!

Revenge: Kaedama Kon Vol. 1 will be released for the first time in North America in November 2023 for $14.99.

Loyal Soldier, Lustful Beast

LoyalSoldierLustfulBeast img

By Sumire Saiga and Saya Shirosaki

One day out of the blue, noblewoman Giselle is summoned to serve as the king’s prized concubine. Alas, her heart belongs to another man: Wallace, a former slave and the soldier who saved her brother’s life. Wallace worships the ground Giselle walks on and attends to her every need as her manservant. Much as Giselle mourns the line drawn between them, her days with Wallace are filled with bliss. Yet the king’s word is absolute, so Giselle decides to give up on her paramour. Then, late one night, Wallace steals into her room in the palace. His gaze is desperate and hungry as he watches her. She knows it’s a crime to spend the night with him…but can she help herself?

Loyal Soldier, Lustful Beast (Light Novel) will be released for the first time in North America in December 2023 for $14.99.

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