Seven Seas Announces Four New Acquisitions, Including Only the Stars Know & The Mimosa Confessions

Seven Seas Entertainment has just announced four new license acquisitions that will be releasing next year. Among these, we have a nice diversity of types, including a new boys’ love and yuri manga, a light novel and a Korean manhwa. You can view each of their synopses in our list below:

My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today (Manga)

MyGirlfriendsNotHere img

By: Kiyoko Iwami

Asahina Yuni is lonely–she has a girlfriend, but it feels like they’re barely dating. Pent up, Asahina vents her secret frustrations on an anonymous social media account. One day after class, Asahina is doomscrolling on her phone when she’s swept up in conversation with the striking, outgoing Taki. Taki peppers her with personal questions until she reveals that she’s been following Asahina’s supposedly secret social media. Taki insists that she only wants to talk, and the more time they spend together, the more Asahina can feel herself opening up…until Taki shows her true colors, threatening to blackmail Asahina to get more time alone with her! What will Asahina do once she’s caught in an erotic web of secrets and lies?

My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today Vol. 1 will be released in English in May 2024 for $14.99.

Only the Stars Know (Manga)

OnlyTheStarsKnow img

By: Nagisa Furuya

After suffering a loss both at work and in his personal life, college student Sora feels crushed. A stiff night walk to process his thoughts leads him to a discovery: a handsome man sitting in a secluded spot in the park that’s perfect for stargazing. Sora and the man start chatting, and he feels comfortable enough to start talking about his problems–but he’s still stunned when the man kisses him! Although Sora initially writes off the night as an unexpected connection with a stranger, this isn’t the last he’ll see of the man who stares up at the sky.

Only the Stars Know will be released in English in May 2024 for $14.99.

The Mimosa Confessions (Light Novel)

MimosaConfessions img

By: Mei Hachimoku, KUKKA

Growing up in a dreary suburb, Sakuma has little to brighten his humdrum days aside from his best friend. The bright, talented, and attractive Ushio seems to have everything Sakuma lacks, and his academics and athletic prowess make him popular with the girls at school. Past trauma—and an understandable inferiority complex—slowly drive the two apart, and by the time they enter high school, they hardly even speak anymore. Thus, Sakuma finds himself alone.

Against all odds, he eventually gains a friend in Natsuki, the sweetest girl in class. The two hit it off gushing about their favorite novels, and he falls head over heels for her. But that very same night, he stumbles upon an unexpected sight while walking through a familiar park: his old friend Ushio, dressed in a full-blown schoolgirl’s uniform and sobbing uncontrollably.

The Mimosa Confessions (Light Novel) Vol. 1 will be released in English in June 2024 for $15.99.

Reborn Rich (Manhwa)

RebornRich img 1

By: JP and Kim Byung Kwan

For thirteen years, Hyeonwoo was a loyal employee of the Soonyang Group, the largest corporation in South Korea. He worked his way up from the bottom of the corporate ladder, only to be betrayed by the very company he dedicated years of his life to. With nothing to show for all of his work, he resigns himself to death…only to be reborn years in the past as Dojun Jin, the grandson of the founder and CEO of Soonyang! As the youngest grandson, he stands no chance of inheriting the company, but he refuses to accept his fate. He’ll get revenge against the rich and powerful family who are now his relatives by rising to the top and becoming the head of the family himself!

Reborn Rich Vol. 1 will be released for the first time in English in June 2024 for $21.99.

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