Seven Pirates H Switch Release to Use Touchscreen for Breast Enlarging Mini-Game; Physical Pre-Orders Open Now

Eastasiasoft has opened physical pre-orders for the Idea Factory-developed monster girl JRPG Seven Pirates H on Nintendo Switch in the west in Spring 2022.

The physical editions are available from Play Asia, with a Limited Edition available that includes a soundtrack, art book, and stickers. There’s also a Standard edition available.

Seven Pirates H is a part of the Genkai Tokki RPG series. The titles have been previously released on Vita, but this final entry was believed never to come west. Until now. This version of the game will include English and Traditional Chinese localization for more players to experience.

During gameplay, players will interact with the character through a mini-game that lets you increase the bust size of the characters. This requires players to use the touch screen for an added layer of interaction.

Seven Pirates H tells the story of a young pirate, Parute, who sets out to recruit monster girls on a treasure hunt. However, her main goal is to increase her bustline by finding the lost treasure of the Monsupi Sea. Players will explore various locations and fight against monsters who stand in the way of the valuable treasure.

Players will command a few different monsters during battles through traditional RPG systems. Monsters can be captured, and players will even have to assist Parute by participating in a Booby Training mini-game to increase the bust size of the all-female crew. This enhances the characters with greater states and power.

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