Seven Pirates H Review – Boobytrapped

    Title: Seven Pirates H
    Developer: Idea Factory
    Release Date: May 12, 2022
    Reviewed On: Switch
    Publisher: EastAsiaSoft Ltd
    Genre: Booby training RPG

Seven Pirates H is a Switch remaster of Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates. Originally released on the Vita in 2016, it was the fourth installment of the series and unlike the previous games, has a pirate theme. You play as Parute, a human in command of a team of scantily clad monster girls. This traditional RPG focuses on exploration, discovery, and fanservice. Fight naughty monsters, meet and recruit cute monster girls as you search the seas for the Seven Pirate Treasures.

Seven Pirates H’s unique element is its unconventional approach to leveling up. Instead of a point-based system for upgrading your character, this game uses a “booby training” system.  This System is taught to you by your fleshy pink otter friend named Otton, who happens to wear a bra as an eye patch.

Otton shows you how to poke, pinch and massage the character’s breasts to draw out their power. By defeating monsters and earning Training Extract, the player utilizes the touchscreen to control the size and attributes of each character’s breasts. Booby training increases stats, and physical parameters and also provides new skills for the character.

Seven Pirates H screenshot 01

Combat has its traditional elements, such as a basic attack, defense, and item usage. But instead of Magic, characters have Mura-mura points, these MP points increase during battle and once you exceed 100 points, your character becomes aroused.  Horney and visibly excited, this status boost’s your character’s stats and opens up skills such as team heals and higher-powered attacks.

Additionally, there are pheromones, this system works like elements. The three colored pheromones all have strengths and weaknesses against other colors. Utilizing the correct character’s pheromone against a monster with weaker pheromones will result in increased attack damage but be aware that this is also the case for damage taken.

sevenpiratesh en 9

The story is pretty straightforward. Parute and her gang of misfit pirates are out to find the seven treasures. The story takes place through dialogue screens between the characters. The voice acting is superb, and each character has their own personality and friendships that develop.

While these dialogs provide history and colorful background, most of the conversations contain no pertinent information regarding what to do next and carry on for what seems to be an eternity, prompting a loss of attention or the need to skip the scenes entirely.

Seven Pirates H screenshot 05

The game takes place on the open seas, guided by your compass you can access islands on the map with your ship. You travel between islands to find dungeons, take on enemies and find new monster girls. While the world seems big, there are only a few accessible islands

There are quite a few collectibles within the game. Defeating enemies provides item drops. These items are for completing quests, selling for gold, and for crafting new bras and undies. Many of the collectibles are necessary to unlock map fragments that open up new islands.

Eggs are a unique collectible that contains different rarity items, to access these you need to crush the egg between your breasts. Lastly, there are creatures that you collect along the way called Booby kin, these small booby-shaped creatures unlock armor, supply hints, and provide new purchasable items.

Seven Pirates H screenshot 04

Seven Pirates H provides almost no difficulty, While I did lose some girls during the fights, I never once lost a battle. There is even an auto-battle feature that only uses attack. I got through nearly mid-game using this feature and not utilizing MP points. Awkward transitions within dungeons and lack of explorable land remind you that you are playing a half-decade-old game. While the fanservice element is unique and humorous, it’s mostly unnecessary.

But despite its flaws, Seven Pirates H is an addictive and fun adventure. Underneath the fanservice exterior is a cute RPG, just don’t go into this expecting anything challenging or remotely intellectually stimulating and you’ll find yourself having fun.

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