Extra Chapter ‘Seven Days: The Purple Envelope’ Comes West to PC Next Week

Fruitbat Factory announced that the LIFE0-developed extra chapter for Seven daysSeven Days: The Purple Envelope, will launch on PC-via Steam next week.

The update is currently available now to backers of the game’s Kickstarter, but those who own the boxed or Steam version can also wait until the publisher pushes the update out next week. Seven Days: The Purple Envelope is an extra chapter and epilogue for the base game that revolves around Murasaki.

The update will also contain minor text updates to the base game. Further, the extra chapter was localized by Steiner.

Seven Days tells the story of a boy named Kanzaku Shuuichi, who has just received a cursed Blu-ray disc from a friend. If you play the disc, it’s rumored that a female ghost will appear. Well, that’s exactly what happened, and he becomes possed until his friend, Sairenji Murasaki, performs an exorcism to expel the demo.

This ends up only being partially successful since now the ghost takes the form of a physical human and goes by the name Mikanagi Chiyako. Evidently, she has six other girls inside of her and only has 49 days left in the world, which turns out that each girl will have seven days to exist in the world and wrap up any unfinished business.

Gameplay features themes of romance and friendship as Shuuichi learns more about these girls and their situation. The game is present in full HD with original illustrations by Miko. Also, the game is fully voiced with Japanese audio.

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