Horror Adventure ‘SENSEs: Midnight’ Revealed in Trailer With July Release Date on PC; Console Release Planned for 2023

Eastasiasoft revealed they will publish the Suzaku Games-developed horror adventure, SENSEs: Midnight, on PC via Steam on July 22, 2022. The game will come to consoles in 2023.

SENSEs: Midnight is a sequel to Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story, and will act as the first follow-up to the anthology. The game will launch for $11.99 on Steam.

SENSEs: Midnight is a survival horror adventure with classic tank controls and a fixed camera. The players must explore 3D environments through a dystopian cyberpunk version of future Tokyo. Players assume the role of a university student named Uesugi Kaho who is in Japan visiting her family. She finds herself investigating a local urban legend, but finds out that she might be a bit over her head. After awakening vengeful spirits she must navigate Ikebukuro Walking Park and do her best to survive the night.

The game features limited inventory, which increases the challenge of puzzles and backtracking. There are places to hide to avoid damage, but players will find there is one place to save their game, which only increases the difficulty. Still, many fans of the genre might appreciate this.

Mature content description:

SENSE/s: Midnight contains strong language, depictions of moderate gore and violence, and mild sexual content. Ghosts are depicted with visible gore and violent injuries. The narrative deals with issues such as mental illness and suicide. Unlockable costumes reveal cleavage and exposed thighs or mid sections of a female character.

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You can watch the game reveal trailer below:

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