Visual Novel ‘Senren Banka’ Receives Physical Switch Release From Limited Run Games

NekoNyan has partnered with Limited Run Games to produce a physical release of the Yuzusoft-developed romance visual Senren Banka on Nintendo Switch.

Pre-orders for the physical release will open on May 9, 2023, with each standard release being paired with a physical soundtrack. I’m not sure if this needs to be noted, but this will be the all-ages version of the game.

Senren Banka takes place in an isolated village deep in the mountains called Hoori. Surprisingly, the fact it is hard to get there ended up making the place a popular tourist spot, as people are drawn to its cozy countryside charm. Of particular note is a special, divine sword called Murasamemaru, which is stuck in a stone, and no one was able to take it out. That is, until the protagonist, Arichi Masaomi, does and unfortunately breaks it in half.

Now he needs to pay for what he’s done, forcing him to being engaged to the shrine maiden princess Tomotake Yoshino (voiced by Haruka Sora). However, there’s more to it, as Masaomi finds out a curse is afflicting the village and there are other mysterious events at play.

There are multiple routes leading players not only to a romance with Yoshino but also with three other girls. Those are the transfer student Lena Liechtenauer (voice: Sawa Sawasawa), the blade caretaker Murasame (voice: Mikan Satou), and the ninja bodyguard Hitachi Mako (voice: Kotorii Yuuka).

In case you missed it, check out our review.

You can check out the physical release below:

Senren Banka

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