Romance Visual Novel ‘Senren Banka’ Gets Delayed Release in the West for Added Polish

NekoNyan announced that the western release for the Yuzusoft developed romance visual novel Senren Banka would be delayed in the west from its planned October release to December 2019.

The delay comes after taking a look at the team’s current translation progress, which made it clear to the publisher that they wouldn’t be able to make an October release.

The publisher writes in a statement:

Up until now, we were very lucky that almost none of our projects were met with unexpected troubles, which made us a little bit too confident and optimistic when it came to announcing release dates ahead of time.  When you only have a handful of people that are working on a project, circumstances that result in just one of those people falling behind schedule will automatically have a massive impact on the project as a whole. We have learned a lesson here and are going to be more careful when it comes to committing to release dates as already previously discussed.

Senren Banka now has a December release window, which means that all of their other projects, including the unannounced ones, will also be delayed. The team promises that this delay will ensure a polished product for this and future titles.

Senren Banka tells the story of Arichi Masaomi and takes place in the village of Hoori. A popular tourist spot is the legendary Katan Murasamemaru, which is a sword in the stone. Well, Masaomi decides to try his hand at pulling out the sword, and he does. What this ends up meaning for him is that he must now marry the shrine maiden princess. However, events aren’t always what they seem, and the story becomes much more mysterious as Masamoi discovers more about the village’s history.

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