Sengoku Rance and Farther Than the Blue Sky Both Delayed in the West Due to Payment Gateway at MangaGamer

MangaGamer announced that both Rance VII: Sengoku Rance and Farther Than the Blue Sky will be delayed until September 19 due to the payment gateway situation plaguing their online storefront. The issue has already delayed the release of Farther Than the Blue Sky and is now affecting another release as the company works towards settling with their current means of processing orders.

Rance VII: Sengoku Rance is a fantasy strategy RPG where players will be able to become the ruler of one of the feudal states as Rance. From here he decides to set his targets on uniting Nippon and possibly meeting some of the village girls along the way.

Farther than the Blue Sky follows a group of friends who make up the members of the Byakko, a small rocket club at Amanoshima Academy, a prestigious academy that is known for its advances in aerospace learning. The team has the goal of winning the Max 5 competition, which has them creating a rocket under five meters tall. To win they must reach altitudes higher than 35 and 41 kilometers.

Sadly, no one believes in them, but they decide to use that as motivation to show them just how capable they are. The main protagonist, Otoya Hayabusa, joins the team to lend his help and possibly fall in love along the way.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on both titles’ official release. In case you want to know more, please check out our recent interview with MangaGamer.

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