Selene ~Apoptosis~ Preview – A Decent Foundation for a Thriller

Selene ~Apoptosis~ Preview – A Decent Foundation for a Thriller

Making my way through dozens of visual novel demo available during the Steam Game Festival, one that stood out to me was Selene: Apoptosis. Could it have been the promise of catgirl interaction or the fact that the developer is named Flat Chest Dev, who knows? Regardless there’s something unique about this visual novel, and it extends a bit further than catgirl shinanigans.

Selene: Apoptosis begins with an unnamed man working late into the night and fighting with sleep. Around this time, the visual novel’s tone shifts after a storm picks up and he hears a banging outside. Opening the door, he sees a girl who has ears and a cattail. However, he refers to her as a cat and doesn’t address her as anything else.

His mind seems to spiral slowly through delusions as he interacts with the cat long after taking his sleeping pills earlier in the night. These moments are dark and almost menacing as you wonder what powers are at play here. You know nothing of this girl or this world, but you know she’s definitely not a cat like our protagonist believes.

Selene Apoptosis 1

These questions only build to the 15-minute demo conclusion as we’re left on a cliffhanger that only gives us more of a sense of dread. The visual novel plays on this horror theme well with dimly lit backgrounds and passage of time that you can’t seem to put your finger on.

The character illustrating for the catgirl, named Selene, fits the dark narrative’s themes. I’m not sure what she’s capable of, but as she starts to speak, you know she knows something that hasn’t been explained. It’s great to be left with this feeling since I’d like to know how this adventure ends, which comes to a head based on the player’s choices during the dialogue.

Selene Apoptosis 2

Selene: Apoptosis will release later this month on October 28 and happens to be free-to-play. I’m not sure how the developer intends to roll out this content, but if you needed something to make this whole narrative more complicated, there’s a wife named Hope who we have yet to meet.

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