Sekai Project Updates Upcoming Releases at Anime Central 2023; Alice Escaped! Console Ports, My Little Sister’s Special Place, Amairo Chocolate 2

During Anime Central 2023, Sekai Project has updated the information on a few of their upcoming projects. Besides announcing Animal Trail Girlish Square Love+Plus and Animal Trail Girlish Square 2, the publisher shared a release window for Alice Escaped! console ports and My Little Sister’s Special Place and the Steam approval of Amairo Chocolate 2.

Alice Escaped! is a metroidvania developed by illuCalab and originally released on PC (Steam) on January 27. Sekai Project’s planning to port the game to Switch on Q3 2023 as they’re currently running tests to make sure it runs properly on the platform without major bugs. They also plan to release a PS4 version but it seems likely that it will only be released after the Switch port.

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Alice Escaped 6

Another game planned for Q3 2023 is the Feng visual novel called My Little Sister’s Special Place, a PC title which is currently undergoing quality assurance checks. It’s a follow-up to My Girlfriend’s Special Place, now focusing on Youhei’s relationship with his younger sister Yukana.

The third game in the series, Gakkou no Seiiki, has also been licensed by Sekai Project and it covers his relationship with the other two heroines, his teacher and older sister Yaeka; and his classmate Maika. It doesn’t have an  English title or release window yet.

my little sisters special place

Lastly, Sekai Project has also announced Amairo Chocolate 2 has been approved by Steam and they’re close to finalizing the build. They’re doing the final tests and they plan on sharing more news soon. The sequel to the cute kemonomimi café story will take young Yuzuki to once again take care of Café Setaria while also getting to know new girls and helping them out.

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Amairo Chocolate 2

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest news of upcoming Sekai Project games, including these titles and more.

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