Sekai Games Finds Success With Visual Novels on Switch and Has Plans for E3 2019

Sekai Games is a subsidiary of the western publisher Sekai Project. The branch is focused on bringing games to console instead of PC, and it seems like the company has its eye on the Nintendo Switch as a platform of choice for its visual novel titles.

During an interview with the company at GDC 2019, Noisy Pixel asked Sekai Games’ producer and director of console development Audi Sorlie how the company’s most recent release on the Switch went, a game titled My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!?, Audi told us, “It’s been pretty good. Since the Switch is portable, it’s automatically a preferred system for visual novels, so the reception has been pretty good. Sales have also been pretty good, so it’s just one of those games we’re happy with.”

The game tells a zany story of a boy who returns to his hometown only to find out that his childhood friend has turned into a mermaid. However, this doesn’t stop him from hanging out with her and getting to know her more after years of being apart. The niche premise seemed to work with Switch owners who were quick to pick up the game via the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Audi added, “There’s a lot of support all around for these kinds of games. Expect to see a lot more visual novels on the Switch.”

When asked when fans can expect some new console announcements from the team, Audi replied, “I will be at E3 this year. I think you’ll see something fun there.”

It’s also good to mention that during the interview, it was confirmed that Sekai Games could possibly branch out to release console games that don’t have a PC release as well, but Audi let us know that although that might happen, he likes fans to have “complete freedom of choice” and is “not a stickler for exclusivity and that sort of stuff.”

We’ll have our full interview up soon with more details about Sekai Games and their push to bring niche titles to consoles in the west.

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