Sega & Yoko Taro Announce 404 Game RE:SET; Where Evil Sega Controls the World & Their IPs Are Girls Who Fight Them

Sega and Yoko Taro have announced a brand new upcoming mobile game called 404 Game RE:SET. Interestingly, the title occurs in a context where Sega dominates the world, with various IPs from the company becoming girls that will team up with the protagonist to battle and win against Sega.

So far, there is no word on a potential English version of the title, but Japanese fans can look forward to a Spring 2023 release for both iOS and Android devices.

You can learn more about the game via its official website and Twitter account.

More context of 404 Game RE:SET can be viewed via a partially translated Famitsu interview below from our team’s Ryuji. The producer, Gousuke Nakamura, is who’s being interviewed.

Interviewer: So, how did the concept for Error Game Reset come to mind?

Gousuke Nakamura: When I joined SEGA, the root of this project already existed. The only thing that had been decided was “to do something using Sega’s IPs”. In the process of shaping the project, I thought that by re-branding the once popular and still brilliant legendary game IPs under Yoko Taro’s direction, we would be able to reach the younger generation today.

Interviewer: So you shaped this already fully aware that Yoko Taro would be involved in it?

Nakamura: Yes, that is correct. However, Yoko Taro is quite a busy person, so when I first pitched it to him, he straight up rejected it. But afterwards, he replied to us: “If you let me use all of SEGA’s IPs, I’ll do it.” I was so happy at the time that I even blurted out a “Yes!” to him, even before getting approval from SEGA. (bitter laugh)

Interviewer: The trailer shows that this game takes place in a “SEGA dictatorship”. Was that your idea?

Nakamura: If only. (laughs) That was Yoko Taro’s idea. He thought it would be more interesting to make a big bad guy rather than a work in which Sega praises its own company. And that’s where the world setting came to be.

Interviewer: Could you tell us about the current development status?

Nakamura: Development is about 80 to 90% complete. All that remains is to refine the game, and we plan to give further the details before the planned release in the Spring of 2023.

Four of the girls have been revealed, viewable via our gallery below:

You can view the announcement trailer for this bizarre game below:

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