Sega Has High Hopes for Persona & Yakuza Franchise Sales

Persona Central recently translated a significant section of the official Q&A for Sega’s Quarter 1 financial release for the year ending March 2024.

Essentially, the company has some rather high expectations for future sales of the Persona and Yakuza (Like a Dragon) franchises, as well as the upcoming 2D Sonic the Hedgehog adventure, Sonic Superstars.

You can view the exact translated lines below:

Q: Do you expect to be able to achieve the plan of 13 million sales from July onwards? Are there any further unannounced titles?

A: The majority of titles for this fiscal year were announced in May and June. Please look forward to the release and results from these titles.

Q: Which are the top titles you have planned for the future? Which do you expect to have the largest sales volume?

A: We have high hopes for Sonic Superstars and both the Persona and Yakuza series as the major releases for this period.

The top seven titles are expected to sell around 1 million units. We would like Sonic Superstars to sell around the same as Sonic Frontiers.

This isn’t really all that surprising, especially given the large-scale growth of the Persona and Yakuza franchises, but it’s nice to hear regardless. Hopefully, they live up to expectations.

For more details, you can view Persona Central’s coverage.

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