Secret Agent of the Knight Academy Gets Western Release From NekoNyan

During their Anime Central 2022 panel, NekoNyan has announced a whooping total of six new games for western audiences. The first reveal was Secret Agent of the Knight Academy, the first Ensemble visual novel they were able to work on. Though they didn’t announce the release date, the title is already 100% translated and edited so it likely won’t be too long before we get to see it in English on PC.

Secret Agent of the Knight Academy tells the story of a young man called Mikage Jin. He comes from a family of ninjas and has been harshly trained since childhood in his family traditions. As his family is tasked with national security affairs since the Edo period, he receives the order to investigate a mysterious series of incidents caused by someone who claims the name “Bat”.

To learn more about the events, the boy joins Touka Academy as a disguise. While carrying out his missions, he becomes more intimate with his classmate Kanon Mayfield (VA: Tsukino Kiiro), as well as the knight Shirogane Kagura (VA: Kazane), the captain Renjouji Mai (VA: Toono Soyogi) and his kouhai Amenomori Yui (VA: Kusuhara Yui). However, this leads him to his downfall.

Due to an accident, Kanon gets to know Jin’s true identity. In exchange for not telling anyone about it, she asks him to make her a ninja as well. Despite this conundrum, the young man will still have the chance to complete his mission.

Check out a few Secret Agent of the Knight Academy screenshots showcasing its beautiful CGs:

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