Co-op Dino Shooter ‘Second Extinction’ Reveals Steam Early Access Release Date

Co-op Dino Shooter ‘Second Extinction’ Reveals Steam Early Access Release Date

System Reaction announced that their dino-shooter Second Extinction will launch first on PC-via Steam Early Access on October 13.

The Early Access pers will give players the chance to be a part of the game’s development and assist the team with balancing and other adjustments.

The developer also revealed new cover art from artist Tom duBois, which he feels captures the spirit of the adventure.

“What helped fuel me creatively? That’s easy! Badass characters! Mind-boggling creativity! It gave me so much ‘go juice,’ I wanted to honor the designers by being as loyal as possible to the characters. The process is a constant back and forth between revising, correcting, and fine-tuning until it just feels right. It never comes easy, and it’s a battle from start to finish,” said Tom duBois.

Second Extinction has players group up in a team of three to fight against mutant dinosaurs across various environments. Players can fight side-by-side using a range of weapons as they complete missions progress this over-the-top adventure. Furthermore, there will be challenges and other activities offered to reward players will more unlockables.

Here’s what players can expect in early access:

  • Day One: 4 Heroes, 10 Weapons with 5 upgrade tiers, and 6 missions across 7 regions
  • In the future:
    • Loadout modifiers — party buffs for each mission
    • Armor Augments
    • Timed game modes, including a horde mode
    • An additional mutation and related effects

Second Extinction is in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

You can watch the new cover art trailer below:

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