Second Extinction Preview – Leave Dino DNA Alone

Second Extinction Preview – Leave Dino DNA Alone

I tell you, people will never learn to stop messing with dinosaur DNA. Systemic Reaction is coming at us with a fast-paced first-person-shooter, Second Extinction, complete with an open world map exploration system. Like other co-op FPS games such as Left 4 Dead, players are tasked with completing objectives and working together. However, there’s this tiny problem being waves of mutated dinosaurs stand in your way.

During my time with the Early Acces build, I quickly realized that Second Extinction is definitely not a single-player experience. Sure, it is possible to play and beat a mission solo, but it proves to be more difficult than its worth. So if you plan on jumping into this dinosaur ridden world, I would grab a friend or two to come with you to lend you an extra set of guns. This is mainly to subdue the fact that it can be a bit frustrating to play yourself.

In Second Extinction, the main objective is provided before dropping onto the map, which the player chooses. Missions include collecting giant storage units or finding a team of research and making sure they are okay. While completing these missions, there are some optional things to do, such as shooting down a drone or collecting eggs for research.

Second Extinction 1

What Second Extinction has successfully pulled off is game flow. This is a fast-paced game, and the movement complements that. There’s a short dash feature that lets you sidestep or take a leap backward if you need to make some space and a sliding option so you can keep the momentum going.

The only downside about the movement is running is sometimes the only option, as a hoard of dinos chases you down. That said, I really wish you could run and reload at the same time. I found myself with no ammo in my weapons, forced to stop and reload both my guns as I get slapped around.

Second Extinction 3

In-game, there are 4 characters to choose from with a different set of skills and weapons to fit your play style. For example, there’s Amir Wilson, an operator equipped with a sniper who comes with an orbital strike great for clearing out a cluster of enemies and a radar ability that can ping any enemies nearby. Still, my favorite would be Valentina Ortega. She comes with a shotgun and assault rifle and a lateral dash that can get you out of certain situations and help target enemy weaknesses. Also, after getting kills and taking damage, she enters a heightened combat state.

What ends up making Second Extinction fun is the varying types of dinosaurs. There is your basic and agile raptor along with a raptor that is electrically charged and can go invisible, stun you in place, and a Spitter that spits acid and does damage over time when hit. Also, let’s not forget the big tanky dino being everyone’s favorite, the T-Rex, who is super fun to fight.

Second Extinction 4

While playing, I completely forgot that Second Extinction was still in early access. Systemic Reaction has a great multiplayer shooter in their hands. It looks awesome and runs amazing, but I’m looking forward to seeing more enemy types, different maps, and more weapons.

I also wouldn’t mind something of a battle pass system to come back for more content, like getting weapon skins or character skins. Besides that, it’s only up from here if you’re in the market for something to fill that itch of killing endless waves of enemies; this is it.

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