Sean Chiplock, Voice Actor of Protagonist Rean Schwarzer, Will Be Speedrunning All 4 Trails of Cold Steel Games in 1 Stream

On September 22, voice actor Sean Chiplock announced that he will be speedrunning all 4 titles in the Trails of Cold Steel saga of Legend of Heroes in 1 stream. He is the voice actor for the protagonist Rean Schwarzer across each entry. And, yes, you read that correctly. He will not stop streaming until all 4 games are beaten.

For those familiar with the Trails games and their length, this probably seems ludicrous, and, to be fair, it kind of is. Still, there are some manageable ways to make this process as painless as possible, which Sean mentioned in some tweet replies. He intends on playing through each of the games on Very Easy/Easy mode with turbo mode enabled while skipping all cutscenes.

While I’ve never speedran any of the Trails games, let alone marathon them, I have sped through the Crossbell and Cold Steel titles for achievements. And, honestly, if you solely focus on the main story while skipping as much dialogue as possible, these experiences are shockingly brief. The meat of Trails certainly comes from its side activities and NPCs. Basking in those aspects is what truly makes the games as long as they are for many players.

Then again, I predict Sean Chiplock is going to certainly have his hands full. These are still 4 fully-fledged JRPGs at the end of the day, and I legitimately have no idea how long it will take or how awake he will be throughout it. Seeing the voice actor for the protagonist of some of my favorite games of all time speedrunning said games is simultaneously bizarre and enticing, though. I definitely plan on tuning in. 50% of donations will be going to a charity too, so there is a fantastic cause embedded within this activity.

You can follow Sean Chiplock on his Twitch page for this upcoming gargantuan stream. While no specific time was provided, Sean stated that September 25 will be when this stream occurs.

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