Scythe Announces a New Version of Their Mugen 5 Rev. B Cooler

In recent years, hardware manufacturers seem to be releasing some a strong line-up of hardware devices. However, now that they’ve nearly done it all, I guess that leaves RGB.

Scythe announced a new version of the popular Mugen 5 Rev. B CPU Cooler. What’s good about this new model is that this isn’t merely an RGB paste and ship, given that other design choices really highlight this new model.

The black anodized cover of the heat-sink looks fantastic and suitable for those with a full dark build. This new version doesn’t cut any performance of the already established model and ends up serving as an extra option in terms of design.

Mugen 5 Rev. B Cooler is a decent fit for those creating a new build who is looking into something with RGB as well as quality. The Kaze Flex 120 mm included fan is entirely adjustable to your preference or color scheme. Vibration absorbers are included as always, and thanks to PWM support, the fan can be controlled through the motherboard BiOS or official manufacturer software.

Speeds range from 300 to 1.200 RPM and deliver an average life span of 120,000 hours. Such with all Kaze Flex fans, the one included in the Mugen 5 uses Sealed Precision FDB, or as you may know, the self-contained liquid bearing.

The Asymmetrical Design made Mugen 5 popular, as it allowed RAM Memory to be placed freely without space restrictions, Mugen 5 Black RGB Edition is already available for the European market and can be purchased through this Amazon German Link. Retail stores should have the product under 50 Euros/Dollars.

The compatibility list features the latest and popular AMD’s AM4 and Intel’s LGA2066 sockets, all the way to LGA1150 and AMD2. The Overall Dimensions WxHxD: 130 x 154,5 x 110 mm / 5,12 x 6,08 x 4,33 inch. This product, as well as the Non-RGB Model, features a full-size official screwdriver, as it’s the only tool you’ll need. Minus the also included Thermal Compound.

From my personal experience, running my own Mugen 5 Rev. B Cooler, not only is this cooler recommended, but perhaps the best in price/performance you’ll ever see currently on the market.

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