Multiplayer Maze-Brawler ‘Scrap Rush!!’ Coming West for Switch and PC

PQube announced plans to publish the Acquire developed maze-brawler multiplayer title Scrap Rush!! digitally for Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam this summer.

Scrap Rush!! puts players against their friends in an arena made of metal blocks that closely resembles Bomberman. However, instead of bombs, players must collect scrap, which can be turned into blocks and then launch them at enemies in an attempt to crush them between a wall. This is all happening while avoiding being crushed themselves.

The game features various modes include Player versus Player, Point Match, Survival Match, and Scrap Battle. Additionally, there are cooperative modes where players can join forces to try to get as far into the game as possible in a Scrush Mode which features 99 waves of enemies and a Challenge Mode.

Additionally, the developer released a new gameplay trailer giving players a preview of the arent and characters that they’ll be able to choose from. Each of the characters has a special skill that the player can utilize such as a vacuum arm or magnet so finding the best character might be a ticket to win.

Scrap Rush!! is coming west to Switch and Steam this summer.

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

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