Science Adventure Series Developer MAGES. Reports Loss of ¥613,000,000

In a recent report by Japanese outlet Gamebiz, it was recently revealed that the developer of the Science Adventure series, MAGES., reported a considerable amount of losses for their September 2022 fiscal year, with the report stating a total loss of ¥613,000,000.

It is unknown what could’ve caused such a huge loss, but because of it, the company has now entered a stage of insolvency, which in layman’s terms, means the company is unable to pay its debts, which can lead to bankruptcy in the worst-case scenario.


Officially, MAGES. is a wholly owned subsidiary of COLOPL, and in addition to its game publishing and developing business, it also operates in other facets such as video and music, talent management, and program production. Most might know them as the Science Adventure series developers, as this year, they released Anonymous;Code in Japan, with a western localization planned for 2023. Furthermore, they’re also known for their licensed visual novel titles with anime series such as the recently released The Quintessential Quintuplets: The Five Memories I Spent With You.

What will happen at this point is frankly anyone’s guess, but hopefully, this doesn’t mean we’ll need to alter the timeline to prevent them from going under.

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