School Days Heroine Sekai Saionji Debuts As V-Tuber; Program Called ‘Nice Boat’

School Days is an infamous visual novel with an equally notorious anime adaption for a myriad of reasons. A substantial reason has to do with the drastic tonal twists it embraces near its conclusion. If you know, then you know. I’d rather not detail the intricacies for those who have yet to experience this classic title.

Recently, one of the game’s primary heroines, Sekai Saionji, officially debuted as a V-Tuber. Interestingly, the model is created by assets borrowed from Overflow, the developers of the original School Days visual novel. Further, Sekai’s voice actress, Shiho Kawaragi, previously expressed interest in performing in videos with a VTuber model, so this seems like a natural occurrence. They certainly seem to be going all-in on this. Moreover, the voice actress specifically chose July 3, 2022, as her debut date because it was 15 years since the first episode of School Days aired.

What is of humorous note is that the program is called Nice Boat, which is incredibly wild if you know the anime adaption’s finale. I’m curious to see if they will embrace particular facets of Sekai’s characterization or if they’ll somehow remain wholesome throughout its duration.

Our team’s Ryuji summated notable information below:

Shiho Kawaragi, the voice actress who played Sekai Saionji in the anime version of School Days, has been posting DIY-related videos on her channel for some time now. In one of her past videos, she explains how she was influenced by the debut of Kotonoha Katsura as a VTuber in 2020, and started production of the model in 2021. They then suceeded in borrowing a bunch of assets from the original School Days developer Overflow, and so, on July 3, 2022, the first broadcast went live!

You can view the first broadcast of the Sekai Saionji V-Tuber model below, where the voice actress discusses School Days while in character. A second broadcast is slated to appear on July 5, 2022.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated regarding this unexpected V-Tuber debut if any significant events occur.

The full announcement coverage can be viewed via the Japanese outlet Denfaminicogamer.

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