Acquire Reveals New Real-Time RPG ‘Scars of Mars’ in Gameplay Trailer

Acquire released the debut trailer of their dungeon crawler real-time RPG Scars of Mars, coming to PC via Steam in 2024.

To celebrate the announcement, the team released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the real-time combat and environments. The trailer also showcases the battle system, which may need some further explanation because it looks ambitious.

Scars of Mars plunges players into a gripping sci-fi narrative set on December 6, 2158. Assuming the role of a commander in charge of a humanoid unit, you embark on a classified mission to rescue survivors and escape from a Mars research facility that has mysteriously lost contact.

The game introduces a captivating real-time Formation Battle system, where you strategically control four humanoids within a 3×3 grid. Decisions on actions like attacking, dodging, healing, and protection must be made in the heat of the moment. The constant flow of time necessitates precise positioning and timing, delivering an immersive and strategic combat experience.

Character Customization is a key aspect, allowing players to assemble a party of four humanoids with a vast array of customization options, including different classes, frames, and weapons. This offers a wide spectrum of character variations, from long-range Snipers to agile Fighters, close-combat Berserkers, or supportive Healers.

Battery Consumption adds an element of challenge, as routes are procedurally generated for each playthrough, requiring players to select their movements carefully to progress efficiently. Every enemy encounter, event, and item container changes with each playthrough, and battery management becomes crucial. Battles, events, and route movements deplete your battery over time, necessitating precise decision-making based on your party’s condition and remaining battery power. Success hinges on player wisdom and experience, whether you aim to defeat the deepest-level boss or strategically return midway for equipment and item collection. Scars of Mars promises an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience filled with strategic depth.

You can watch the gameplay trailer below:

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