Scarlet Nexus Update Version 1.03 Adjusts Camera Distance, Enemy Targeting, Font Size, and More

Bandai Namco has uploaded a video announcing a new patch for their sci-fi action JRPG, Scarlet Nexus. This patch, version 1.03, adds a fair amount of fixes and optional adjustments to make gameplay a generally smoother experience.

We covered the news of this patch’s eventual arrival when it was revealed on a Japanese gaming website. Still, the information below is far more updated and accurate as it comes from a localized source.

Aim Assist has been added, allowing players to attack nearby enemies automatically regardless of a lock on being enabled. Further, when locked on to an enemy, Aim Assist will prioritize directional attacks depending on the angle of the left analog stick during combat. All attacks will go toward the locked-on enemy when this option is enabled.

Camera Distance options have been added, including ‘Close,’ ‘Normal,’ and ‘Far.’ I recall many players not liking the default camera distance, so this is an assuredly welcome change. Additionally, Camera Tracking speeds are now choosable to better optimize the viewing experience. Then, when specifically locked onto an enemy, the camera speed rotation can be adjusted. Ultimately, players can configure an impressive variety of camera-related settings to find their ideal outing.

SAS Activation animations can now be turned off, a massive time-saver for those who prefer speedier battles.

A larger font size is now available, thankfully. This, alongside the unskippable SAS Activation animations, were some of my major gripes with the gameplay, so seeing these addressed is exciting.

Lastly, and perhaps most vaguely discussed, is that the protagonist’s movement on the fields outside battle is smoother, which is stellar since there was noticeable stiffness when turning and whatnot.

You can view the announcement video of this Scarlet Nexus patch from Bandai Namco below:

If you missed it, check out our review for Scarlet Nexus.

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