Saya no Uta Free AI Browser App Now Available for Mobile & Desktop; Converse with Saya

Procket, in partnership with developer Nitroplus, has recently launched a free browser app based on one of the latter’s popular visual novels, Saya no Uta, also known as The Song of Saya. Interestingly, this is an AI app that works on both mobile and desktops, though looks significantly better on the former.

It features a language-generating AI with a large language model (LLM) and an emotion analysis function, with Saya’s affinity changing depending on what you talk to her about, eventually affecting the ending. What’s also worth noting is that the app is available in both English and Japanese. However, the English here feels machine translated to drastic extents.

When clicking or tapping on the startup screen, the following message is provided:

“This application was created primarily for the purpose of technical verification by our company, and as such, may contain inadequate or inappropriate text content, quality, or other aspects. Please be aware of this before playing this application.”

Afterward, you’re given instructions on what you’re actually doing:

“You will take the role of “a man” and talk to Saya using the form at the top of the screen. Depending on the words you enter, Saya’s favorability change and the future will change (3 types). Saya’s reply is difficult to hear, but when the favorability increases, it somehow becomes easier to hear. Conversely, when the favorability goes down, it becomes harder to hear.”

You can give the app a try for yourself here, but note that it may take a long while to load. It’s certainly a bizarre experience, yet it feels like it barely functions, so just keep that in mind if you try it out.

Thanks to Famitsu for sharing this news.

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