Samurai Maiden Updated on Steam Again; Game Balance, Tutorial & UI Improvements

Developer Shade and D3 Publisher have announced that their recently released yuri action title, Samurai Maiden, has been updated on PC via Steam once again, implementing the following fixes:

Game balance Improvements

  • Enemy placement has been adjusted.
  • The number of times you can start over at the restart point has been increased to three times when playing in Normal Mode.
  • Combat evaluation criteria have been adjusted. The criteria for “Enemies Felled” and “Inga Acquired” have been revised downward.

Tutorial Improvements

  • New tutorial on “Ninja Skill” has been added.
  • New tutorial on “Enhancing Weapons” has been added.

Addition of “Enhancing Weapons” notification function

  • When you have enough “Inga” to strengthen your weapon, a notification badge will appear in the Equip menu of the Camp.

Addition of “Album” notification function

  • When there are items that can be unlocked in the “Album,” a notification badge will appear in the Album menu of the Camp.

The game’s previous update altered the localization and made combat easier.

There has been no comment on when or if this update will arrive in the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions.

Throughout this title, protagonist Tsumugi Tamaori finds herself summoned within her sleep to the Sengoku period, where she encounters the legendary Nobunaga Oda, Japan’s initial great unifier.

However, a portal to the underworld opens up beneath the Honnoji Temple, causing Tsumugi to be granted a sword by Nobunaga. Though thankfully and coincidentally, Tsumugi knows the basics of swordplay since she practices it as a hobby. So, armed with this genuine weapon, she goes on to slay waves of undead foes.

Combat relies on players upgrading the weapons of the cast and summoning Tsumugi’s allies to perform special skills highly benefitting from context. Further, the multiple difficulty modes provide replayability, and the collectibles containing concept art can be worth looking for.

If you missed it, check out our review of the game’s PlayStation 5 version.

The title was recently confirmed to have sold over 50,000 units worldwide.

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