Otome Game ‘Salvus: Aries’ Opens Kickstarter Campaign for PC Release; Includes Switch Port Stretch Goal

Otome Game ‘Salvus: Aries’ Opens Kickstarter Campaign for PC Release; Includes Switch Port Stretch Goal

Rosemilk Studio has opened the Kickstarter campaign for Salvus: Aries. With the goal of US$ 50,000, the otome game project is planned for PC -via Steam and itch.io – and has a Switch stretch goal. A demo is also available now on itch.io to showcase the concept in an early stage.

Salvus: Aries tells the story of a young woman called Aina (VA: Marisa Duran) who dies and is sent to the purgatory. After a long time there that is like a gaping hole in her memories, she’s sentenced to serve as a Reaper to pay for her sins. Only after the superior forces consider her debt paid will she be freed from this job.

As a curious type, Aina will look for answers about what happened in her past and the other Reapers who work alongside her. Though other characters are teased as potential love interests for stretch goals, five men are already guaranteed in the spotlight.

salvus aries ayna

First we have Orias (VA: John Patneaude), whose attitude toward people is usually bad as he considers them a pain to deal with. Though he holds the protagonist in high esteem and tends to care about things related to her, he tries to hide it by being even ruder to her.

salvus aries orias

Caym Aster (VA: Conner Allison) assumes the role of the one in charge, handling the paperwork created by the reapers’ actions. Proud of being the only one in the team with a last name, he also has a special ability when it comes to making drinks.

salvus aries caym

Xaphan (VA: Nazeeh Tarsha) is the upbeat guy who lifts the mood because the others can be a little too serious sometimes. The reason why he uses an eyepatch is actually painful to him so he avoids talking about it at all costs. While he sees himself as reliable, the others disagree.

salvus aries xaphan

Seir (VA: Kieran Regan) acts like a naive baby and hates working. He’s an intelligent guy and says whatever comes to mind, but everyone knows his heart is in the right place. He’s the only angel in the group and allows them to taste Angelic Liquor from time to time.

salvus aries seir

Valefar (VA: Ryan Colt Levy) is the only one in the group that can control the chaos that ensues when they’re all up to their shenanigans. Despite distrusting humans and having a tendency to being sarcastic, he has a kind heart. Instead of reincarnating, he chose to stay as a reaper even after paying for his sins.

salvus aries valefar

While the project will be funded with US$50,000, there are stretch goals for more music and voice acting, alternate poses, CGs, a Malthus route, Live2D in some CGs, Nox route, an after story with CGs and other additions. At $140,000, the game will also have a Switch port instead of being a PC exclusive. If funded, Salvus: Aries is planned for a March 2025 release.

Along with the demo page opening on itch.io, Rosemilk Studio has shared a few screenshots of the game.

Check out the Salvus: Aries trailer:

The opening theme was also shared by the developer on their official Youtube account:

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