Salt and Sacrifice Releasing For PC via Epic Games Store Early 2022; Simultaneous Release with Consoles

Developer Ska Studios has announced that the upcoming sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, Salt and Sacrifice, will be releasing for PC via the Epic Games Store simultaneously with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 versions.

This title takes place in the Alterstone Kingdom, where criminals can be chosen to either be executed or become Marked Inquisitors who hunt heretical Mages.

There are over 20 heretical Mages in various environments such as temples, villages, dungeons, and more in solo and cooperative play. Forging new weapons, armor, and intricate character customization are some features players can expect from this ambitious successor. Speaking of content, more than 100 monsters inspired by Scandanavian folklore are there to battle, which is fueled with simultaneous disgust and delight via the title’s uniquely hand-drawn-looking art style.

Ska Studios added not only online co-op but also online PVE and PVP online factions as well. Players can consume a guiltless shard, becoming atoned. While atoned, they can summon random strangers to come to their aid. However, this also opens their world up to invaders of the Inquisitor faction. Inquisitors employ a variety of melee move sets, runic arts, ranged weapons, and consumable items. Fortunately, the invasion also sends out an alert to members of another faction, who may come to aid and protect the player.

Salt and Sacrifice is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store in Early 2022. No specific release date has been yet provided.

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