Action-Adventure ‘Sakura Wars’ Highlights Relationship Building in New Trailer

Sega released a new trailer for their action-adventure Sakura Wars, coming to PlayStation 4 on April 28.

The trailer highlights the relationships that players will be able to build during the game’s narrative. Throughout the story, players will make choices during the dialogue that alter the relationship with the respective character.

Over time, it’s possible to become close and even romance a particular character if you play your cards right. Increasing the bonds with characters also applies a bonus to combat. Each character has their own personality, so learning more about them will score you some points when building your harem—going on the record to say that we are not sure if there is a harem route.

Sakura Wars is a reboot of the JRPG series that began in 1996 on the Sega Saturn. The game has been working on the original creators along with contributions from character designers Tite Kubo, Yukiko Horiguchi, BUNBUN, Fumikane Shimada, Ken Sugimori, Noizi Ito, and Shigenori Soejima.

Sakura Wars has players transported to a 1940’s Imperial Tokyo, where ten years prior, a cataclysm resulted in the loss of the Imperial Combet Revue of Tokyo, which was the capital’s global defense force operating out the Imperial Theater.

Since then, the theater has fallen on hard times and is close to permanent closure. Players will assume the role of the new Tokyo revue and mend the hearts of the troops as well as restore the Imperial Theater to its former glory.

There will be a physical version of the game available for fans in the west that comes with reversible art and a sticker set.

You can check out the new trailer and view some screenshots below:

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