Sakaya Oda Interview Details The Cruel King and the Great Hero Development & Personal Memories

NIS America recently conducted an interview with the mind behind the upcoming The Cruel King and the Great Hero, Sakaya Oda, more prominently known for The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince. This interview is rather intricate with its questions and responses as Oda details her inspirations for the title alongside her own journey within the game industry.

When asked about any potential storytelling uniqueness being utilized throughout this new title, Oda replied with the following:

“Besides the main story, by helping others I was able to add more readable episodes.

Through the interactions with the villagers I was able to convey each of their cultures, which enabled me to express the world in which the game takes place with more detail compared to The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.

On a more personal note, Oda provided recollections of her younger years when asked about what she enjoys from children’s stories due to this upcoming game being the second title embracing that context.

“I will touch on this a little in the next question, but when I was a student I experienced having a dream of becoming a picture book author, but I had given it up. However upon entering the kikakusai, an event where everyone is welcomed to pitch their own plan for a game, I received a comment saying, “why don’t you try making it like a picture book?” This reminded me of my dream of becoming a picture book author, and being in the gaming industry, my wish of making a game with picture book elements led to my conceiving the title The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince.

I love warm stories and analog illustrations, so a picture book-like theme allows me to draw to my heart’s content.

What I like about picture books is that they are not bound within a frame, and can be expressed freely through various types of illustrations.”

The Cruel King And The Great Hero

Another noteworthy response has to do with Oda stating why this title is aiming to be as accessible as possible.

“I wanted to express a picture book-like-world, and kept the gameplay very simple because I wanted to attract people who are not really used to enjoying games.

I believe that The Cruel King and the Good Hero’s experience changes depending on whether you look at it from a child’s standpoint or an adult’s standpoint, so it would make me happy if the whole family could enjoy it.”

You can view the entirety of this thought-provoking interview with Sakaya Oda via NIS America’s official website.

In the title, players witness a young girl, Yuu, being raised by a dragon and the adventures that they share daily. It’s almost adorable to see the two interact, but you know they will face some trials throughout the narrative. She dreams of becoming a hero like her father, so she goes on many adventures. As the player explores the areas, it’ll be possible to find hidden items. In addition, they will unlock illustrations, character profiles, and other goodies for the game gallery.

The Cruel King and the Great Hero is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on March 1, 2022.

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