Saimin Gakushū: Secret Desire Coming West Next Week via Johren

Saimin Gakushū: Secret Desire Coming West Next Week via Johren

Shiravune has announced the western release of Saimin Gakushū: Secret Desire. The visual novel developed by the Dark One! company will be released on PC -via Johren- on October 22, 2021. As with previous Shiravune titles released on Johren, this will be an 18+ version including all the steamy scenes.

Saimin Gakushū tells the story of a student called Soichi Akano. He’s a lazy person and his grades are disappointing. One day the student council president Tsukino Himemiya confronts him about his lacking effort and slaps him. Frustrated by this humiliation, he decides to look for a way to get revenge.

He buys a sketchy machine that would help him with studying but also improve on his sleep quality. But once he finds out its effects are much stronger than he expected, he decides to use it for direct revenge against the president. So starts what could only be described as a twisted hypnotist’s dream.

Besides the school president, who’s voiced by Mirau, her own mother Suzuka Himemiya (voiced by Ryouko Tezuka) is one of the game’s “heroines”. Soichi may also abuse his powers with the student council secretary , Natsuki Fujii (voiced by Musubi Aono), and the homeroom teacher, Sasagawa Ayako (voiced by Tokio Aoi).

We’ll keep you updated on upcoming Shiravune games as the publisher has been on fire with multiple announcements this year.

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