Saga Planets Visual Novel ‘Kakenuke Seishun Sparking’ Western Release Announced by NekoNyan

During their panel at Anime Central 2022, NekoNyan announced the western release of Kakenuke Seishun Sparking. The visual novel developed by Saga Planets was originally released in Japan in 2020. As usual, no release window was announced, with the project on 10% translation right now.

Kakenuke Seishun Sparking tells the story of a young man called Yuu Tono. Despite being on his second year at Kazami Academy, he’s too busy with his part-time job to even think about superfluous things like romance. As his hyper-realist attitude threatens to waste all his youth, his childhood friend, Hibiki, and his classmate Riri decide to do everything in their power to change his mentality.

The two girls will drag him to the school clubs so he can see the errors of his ways. On one side, Hibiki wants him to join the Activity Club (a.k.a. Act Club) which has a lot of lively girls and a slogan all about enjoying their time at school. On the other, Riri recommends the Volunteer Club (a.k.a. Negative Club) which is all about dedicating their youth to diligently making the world a better place.

Meanwhile he really doesn’t want to waste his time in either of those, so this whole charade will definitely feel like a drag to him. Check out some of the cute girls he could be missing out on though:

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