Saga Planets Visual Novel ‘Floral Flowlove’ Announced for Western Release By NekoNyan

NekoNyan has announced the western release of Floral Flowlove. This visual novel is developed by Saga Planets (Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche) and was originally released in Japan in 2016. The company hasn’t announced a release window for the project yet, but it’s said to be 84% translated.

Floral Flowlove tells the story of Saisu Masataka, a young man who has a unique ability. He can see wings when looking carefully at people, gauging their nature at a glance. Good people have cute angel wings, meanwhile people with malicious intent have devil wings. It all started when he was still a little kid but now he sees himself surrounded by a variety of angelic girls.

Masataka’s love interests include his childhood friend Mihato Kano (VA: Sorashiro Ao), who hits him every day with her love beam. Despite them being so close, she’s the member of highest social standing in the school, making her seem out of reach for the young man.

Kano’s friends with an aloof girl called Tokisaka Nanao (VA: Kusuhara Yui), whose beautiful looks could be those of a real model. There is also a lazy princess called Adelheid von Bergstrasse (VA: Akino Hana), and a devout Christian woman called Tsubaki Kohane (VA: Daidou Matsuri).

Check out a few Floral Flowlove screenshots:

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