Square Enix Announces Brand-New SaGa Game; SaGa Emerald Beyond for 2024

Square Enix revealed SaGa Emerald Beyond, as the newest entry in the SaGa series, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android devices in 2024.

Players will select their heroes and adventure through 17 interconnected worlds, with the story’s events up to you. Further, there are more paths than ever before in the series. Combat occurs in timeline turn-based battles, where turn order is crucial. Special techniques alter the order of actions, and team combos will significantly bolster your efforts.

In the upcoming game SaGa Emerald Beyond, players can step into the shoes of six diverse protagonists, each possessing a unique and intriguing storyline that sets the stage for an epic adventure. These characters have a remarkable ability to perceive emerald waves, which reveal choices that will shape their destinies in the game’s expansive universe.

First on the roster is Tsunanori Mido, a master puppeteer who safeguards the mystical barrier surrounding Miyako City with his animated puppets. When supernatural disturbances threaten the city, Tsunanori embarks on a quest to distant realms, seeking the aid of four elemental spirits to restore harmony to the spiritual realm.

Next is Ameya, a young witch-in-training who assumes the guise of a schoolgirl in Miyako City as part of her graduation exam. Following a mysterious attack that strips her of most of her magical powers, Ameya must embark on a journey of self-discovery to recover what she has lost and successfully complete her final examination.

The immortal vampire Siugnas, once the formidable Dismal King of the shadowy realm of Yomi, is the game’s third protagonist. After a treacherous betrayal costs him his throne, Siugnas finds himself in Brighthome, a gathering place for deceased warriors. He joins forces with his fellow warriors to regain his lost powers and embark on a quest to reclaim his former glory.

The tale of Diva No.5, a melodious mechanical marvel from the realm of Avalon, takes a poignant turn when she sings a forbidden song, leading to the sealing of her memory and singing abilities. Left desolate and without purpose, Diva makes a life-changing decision to leave her “human” body behind and accept an invitation from a clandestine society, bidding farewell to her former world.

Lastly, players will also get to experience the dynamic partnership of Bonnie and Formina, two fresh recruits in the Capitol City police force. Their mission: investigate an assassination attempt on the President. Armed with only a cryptic triangle piece and the startling claim of a potential presidential betrayal, they set off on an interdimensional journey to uncover the hidden truth behind the ominous incident.

You can view the game’s official trailer below:

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