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    Title: SaDistic Blood
    Developer: Black Cyc
    Release Date: October 21, 2020
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: JAST USA
    Genre: Visual Novel

Halloween may have ended, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop playing spooky games and what’s spookier than some vampire girls, am I right? Well, JAST USA has released developer Black Cyc’s title SaDistic Blood in the west. This is the first game by Black Cyc to receive an official English release, which means that to all of you who enjoy titles like Euphoria, this could lead to similar visual novels coming your way. Personally, I would like to stay away from these types of games. But alas, I will consume some very cursed titles for your viewing pleasure. I mean, it’s only a 6-hour game. What could go wrong?

SaDistic Blood stars the vampire girlfriends Yuna and Shizuha. Shizuha is a fledgling vampire, only recently turned by Yuna to save her life. The pair have been on the run for a while and think that making it to the island city of Chisakura will give them some breathing room.

However, it doesn’t last as long as they’d hope because they are quickly found by a bizarre group of hunters led by a woman named Yuika. Yuika is a vampire hunter who has sworn revenge on the creatures for killing her family and has been placed in charge of, by ‘the association’, three outrageous “biological weapons” named Alice, Gretel, and Rapunzel. These three are nothing but monsters, and Yuika takes no pleasure in leading them, but that doesn’t make them any less threatening. Can the duo escape, or will they meet a grizzly end? (spoiler: They’ll die a lot.)

SaDistic BlooD 5

SaDistic Blood is a very linear visual novel; however, it is densely packed with choices like a classic ‘choose your own adventure book’ except with all the visual novel trappings. And like many classics in this genre, it is filled with many, many, bad endings. The main difference between these two things is that SaDistic Blood’s bad endings are punctuated with h-scenes that will get very gory.

With that said, some h-scenes don’t end this way, but those are far fewer in number. In fact, there are extremely few CGs in this game that don’t have H-content, to begin with, making this a guro filled nukige. But for those who do care about that, the CGs are uncensored so that no pixelation will be seen.

SaDistic BlooD 4

The art style has some fiercely gothic vibes, and that can be seen in its UI. We’ve got hard greys and some blood effects everywhere. The auto symbol being dripping blood is also a nice touch. The main duo has some fantastic portrait designs despite their lack of poses, and the fact that a blur filter is applied to the backgrounds when they’re on the screen makes them pop out even more.

The monsters are far less appealing to look at, but even their rendering helps them stand out. The CGs are very well drawn and would be nice to look at if it weren’t for the teensy problem of “I prefer the insides of people to not be on the outside.” In fact, I threw up playing this game. It’s really, really unpleasant during those scenes. Still, it has some excellent action visuals for the fight scenes with the claw effects and rapunzel’s tentacles move stunningly. In the end, I wish we got more fight scenes. The story itself is not particularly deep, but the true end scene is surprisingly touching, considering, uh, everything else about it.

SaDistic BlooD 1

SaDistic Blood is a visual novel that appeals to a very particular audience. I am not that audience. It’s a relatively short, horny, gory, torture porny VN made for people who, well, enjoy that. It gets points for having a strong visual style and being honest about it, but the target audience is exceptionally niche. Only enter if you want this, and expect your stomach tested. Those who wish to play without the gore can expect a patch to release soon, which removes those sections but leaves in the H-content.

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