Horror Visual Novel ‘SaDistic BlooD’ Coming West to PC Next Week

JAST USA announced that they have partnered with developer Studio Black Cyc to release the horror visual novel, SaDistic BlooD, on PC-via the JAST Store.

SaDistic BlooD tells the story of Vampires Yuna and Shizuha who have arrived at the island of Chisakura to find refuge from the Vampire Hunters. However, it seems like they chose the wrong place because they are waiting for them as they arrive.

This takes place on the night of a full moon when their Vampiric impulses rise. They head out in a thirst for blood while attempting to remain unnoticed. Sadly, this leads them into a trap led by Yuika. The two then have to decide if they will flee again or fight.

SaDistic BlooD will launch with English text and uncensored in the west. Additionally, this will be a DRM-free release from JAST USA.

This is a nice release before Halloween as the game contains scenes of blood and violence. However, I’m sure you probably expected that being that this a vampire visual novel and that typically comes with the territory. Regardless, those looking for a new horror visual novel to tuck them in this holiday may want to check this out.

You can watch the opening movie and check out screenshots for SaDistic BlooD below:

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