Clockup’s New Visual Novel ‘Sacrifice Villains’ To Be Published in English By Shiravune

Clockup’s New Visual Novel ‘Sacrifice Villains’ To Be Published in English By Shiravune

Publisher Shiravune has announced the English and Chinese release of Sacrifice Villains. The visual novel is developed by Clockup with illustrations by Butcha-U and its Japanese release will be available for PC on December 23, 2022. The worldwide release doesn’t have a date yet, platforms and price are also undisclosed, so we don’t know if it’ll be on Steam or maybe be a Johren exclusive.

Sacrifice Villain takes place in Scum City, a place overtaken by crime, and basically a hive of evil dominated by supervillains. However, at the very center of this city is an autonomous safe ward protected by superheroes commanded by the mayor and ultimate hero, Justopia. Him and his crew of superheroes try to end crime and bring peace to the world.

However, these villains are getting stronger by the day and the heroes are struggling to deal with them. As such, Justopia decides to look for help from the Asylum, a rehabilitation institute that converts villains into heroes. It’s up to the player now to handle these filthy enemies of virtue and make sure they are converted to true justice.

Three villain women are especially formidable for this institute. Night Charger is an outspoken villain who usually works alone and has a hard time dealing with partners. Bad Lotion is the leader of the Lotions gang who rose up to he position from being sold by her family to a brothel. Last but not least, we have Madam Venom, an arrogant mafia boss who believes her beauty can have any man at her feet. Their VAs have yet to be revealed even in Japan.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as Shiravune shares more info on the upcoming English release of Sacrifice Villains.

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