Open-World Adventure ‘Sable’ Comes to PS5 Next Month With New Features

Raw Fury announced the Shedworks-developed open-world adventure, Sable, will launch on PlayStation 5 on November 29, 2022. The game is currently available for Xbox Series X and PC.

The new console release will include the new fishing mini-game where players can fish throughout the desert and create a collection. Further, a new Angler Mask is available along with DualSense support for dune riding.

Sable is all about meeting different cultures created by different experiences, even though they live in the same environment. Players will soak up these experiences to grow in-game and become more adept glider. This extended look at gameplay shows off the exploration elements of the game as players will navigate tombs and solve light-puzzle to progress the narrative.

During gameplay, players can customize their bikes to traverse the world in style. Furthermore, exploration has been expanded so that players can climb anywhere within the world and glide from any height. Puzzles have been sprinkled across the environments that players can solve or not; it’s up to the player whether they want to take them on or not.

The game encourages exploration and discovery as players create the narrative they want within the world. Nomads will also provide quests for the player to take on that will progress the narrative.

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