Horror Adventure ‘S.O.N’ Reveals Version 1.01 as an Overhauling of the Entire Game

Horror Adventure ‘S.O.N’ Reveals Version 1.01 as an Overhauling of the Entire Game

RedG Studios announced that their horror adventure S.O.N will receive a substantial update in Q1 2020 on PlayStation 4.

The game launched on March 28 for PS4 with criticisms of its overall direction and quality as the game seemed to lack in both departments. However, the studio hasn’t given up on the project as they have announced the game will receive an overhaul of the entire game with bug fixes and additions features that the community has requested.

Before the game launched, the studio admitted that development issues caused a slight delay and some elements of the game had to be cut for budgetary reasons. With this announcement, it seems the team has spent additional time on the project to make it a better experience for players.

Currently, the team is preparing a new trailer that will show the debut new gameplay. We’ll be sure to share any additional information when it’s available.

S.O.N takes place in a 300,000 Acre forest called Clarencaster located in southern Pennsylvania. In 2018, a mass number of people began to go missing in the forest, one of which happened to be the son of Robert Alderson, an unemployed man who drinks to deal with his memories. Robert goes looking for his son fueled by love but if that is enough to conquer the fear that lies within the forest is yet to be seen.

You can check out a screenshot shared by the developer below:


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