S.O.N. Gameplay Trailer Shows Atmospheric and Mysterious World

S.O.N. Gameplay Trailer Shows Atmospheric and Mysterious World

Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new gameplay trailer of S.O.N. from RedG Studios.

The trailer opens with a woman and her child leaving a voicemail main protagonist, Robert Alderson followed by the imagery of the game’s snowy forest setting covered in aged human skulls.

There are also scenes showing more environments including the forest during the evening time and an abandoned house. These areas are seemingly littered with burned-like figures stuck to trees and motionless white entities in bloodied cloaks.

Brief instances of gameplay show the player walking through the forest at night with the white entities surrounding a chair covered by blue lights. As Robert approaches the figures, he uses a radio for white noise, though it wasn’t entirely clear how it affects enemies.

The trailer’s description describes the game as “an epic psychological horror game set in the modern day.” Players will play as Robert Alderson as he searches for his missing son Jay after he went missing in a Pennsylvanian forest called the South of Nowhere.

RedG Studios’ website also describes the game’s story with Robert’s son being taken from his home, forcing him to do what it takes to get him back and asks “A parent’s love for their child is deep, but does a parent’s love for their child conquer fear?”

S.O.N. will be out on December 11th, 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can watch the new trailer below:

Author’s Take: I do not handle scary games well even though I love them. I couldn’t even beat Outlast or SOMA because of those dark atmospheres and the thought of being chased. And so far, I know I can’t even muster the courage for this game.

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