RWBY Video Game Announced From WayForward, Rooster Teeth, and Arc System Works

WayForward announced that they will partner up with Arc Systems Works and Rooster teeth to develop a video game adaptation of RWBY for multiple platforms in 2021.

The game is tentatively titled, RWBY the video game and will follow an original story within the RWBY universe, which has been created by the show’s writers Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, and Eddy Rivas. WayForward will handle the development side of things while Arc Systems Works helps with publishing.

“It’s a massive honor to be trusted with a beloved brand like RWBY,” said WayForward Tyrannical Overlord Voldi Way. “Collaborating with the innovators at Rooster Teeth has been a blast, and we think the characters, personality, and style of RWBY are a great match for WayForward’s design sensibilities. We hope that fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite Huntresses in action as much as we’re looking forward to bringing the game to them.”

“To this day and date, I still cannot forget the awe when I first saw Monty’s RWBY,” said Mori Toshimichi, Chief Producer at Arc System Works. “At the same time, I cannot thank enough to all of Rooster Teeth for giving us the chance to have RWBY participate in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. We are also in deep gratitude to WayForward for bringing us River City Girls. And now that we’re all in this new RWBY project, I am tremendously thrilled to the coming of this new masterpiece.”

During gameplay, players will tack control of team RWBY including, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. Each character will use their weapons and abilities for this unique action game. More information about gameplay will be delivered soon.

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