A Classic Brawler Series ‘Rival Turf’ Returns as ‘Rushing Beat X: Return of Brawl Brothers’ Revealed in New Trailer

Clear River Games announced they are publishing the City Connection-developed brawler Rushing Beat X: Return of Brawl Brothers to be released in 2024 in North America and Europe.

Known in the West as Rival Turf, this brawler was initially developed by Jaleco in 1992 before City Connection acquired the rights. This new entry in the series doesn’t retain the classic SNES graphical style, though. Instead, the developers went with a comic book-like 3D animation.

Rushing Beat X: Return of Brawl Brothers introduces players to the Neo-Cisco heroes Rick Norton and Douglas Bild as they make their return to address some unfinished business. However, they are now joined by a new character named Kahlua, who is a trainee at Rick’s gym. While specific details about these characters will be unveiled in due course, players can anticipate a wide array of fresh weaponry, combat moves, and skills at their disposal in this latest installment of the beloved fighting series.

Players can employ various combat tactics, such as launching aerial combos to clear out enemies on the ground, utilizing throws to create a path forward by tossing opponents, and activating Rage Mode if they sustain significant damage. This Rage Mode provides a brief surge of extraordinary power to level the playing field in intense battles.

We’ll keep you updated on the development of Rushing Beat X: Return of Brawl Brothers.

You can watch the reveal trailer below:

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