Rune Factory 5 Shares New Story Trailer For Us Hopeful Heroes

Rune Factory 5 Shares New Story Trailer For Us Hopeful Heroes

Marvelous Games has shared a new trailer for the upcoming localized release of Rune Factory 5, briefly highlighting the game’s story. While not a crucial, intricate facet, it more than pushes events forward as players live out their lives as respected heroes.

You can view the Story trailer for Rune Factory 5 below:

Rune Factory 5 is releasing for the west for Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2022.

If you missed it, be sure to check out our review of Rune Factory 4 Special back when it was localized for Switch.

Rune Factory 5 takes the series to new heights as it opens the world through various means of exploration. Players can run through dungeons, fight monsters, and meet new characters from a new 3D perspective. Typically, these games are played with an over-the-top view of the town and characters, but this latest entry seems to ‘switch’ it up to provide a new experience to players.

Returning to the game are relationships. Players will choose a male or female protagonist to be their job as a peacekeeping ranger. Aside from protecting the town, players will need to look after the crops and fish for food. They will meet a handful of NPCs throughout the adventure that they can fall in love with and marry in-game. The title also features a new battle system that is more action-focused and a traveling system with familiar companions.

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