Rune Factory 5 Reveals More Stellar English Voice Cast For Rigbarth’s Residents

Rune Factory 5 Reveals More Stellar English Voice Cast For Rigbarth’s Residents

XSEED Games and Marvelous have revealed the remaining English voice cast for the upcoming western release of Rune Factory 5. Informed via a thread on Twitter, the newly announced voice cast is listed below:

  • Livia voiced by Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Terry voiced by Joe Zieja
  • Elsje voiced by Faye Mata
  • Misasagi voiced by Erika Ishii
  • Hina voiced by Mela Lee
  • Oswald voiced by Sungwon Cho
  • Randolph voiced by Frank Todaro
  • Julian voiced by Veronica Taylor
  • Heinz voiced by Kyle Hebert
  • Simone voiced by Veronica Taylor
  • Yuki voiced by Philece Sampler
  • Gideon voiced by Brad Venable

Sadly, both Philece Sampler and Brad Venable passed away after completing their voice recordings. We extend our condolences to their families.

You can view more information about these citizens of Rigbarth on the “Other Characters ” tab of the official Rune Factory 5 website.

Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 takes the series to new heights as it opens the world through various means of exploration. Players can run through dungeons, fight monsters, and meet new characters from a new 3D perspective. Typically, these games are played with an over-the-top view of the town and characters, but this latest entry seems to ‘switch’ it up to provide a new experience to players.

Returning to the game are relationships. Players will choose a male or female protagonist to be their job as a peacekeeping ranger. Aside from protecting the town, players will need to look after the crops and fish for food. They will meet a handful of NPCs throughout the adventure who they can fall in love with and marry in-game. The title also features a new battle system that is more action-focused and a traveling system with familiar companions.

Rune Factory 5 is releasing for the west for Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2022.

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