RPG Maker MZ Announced for PC Release Later This Summer

Degica Games announced they will publish the Kadokawa and Yoji Ojima-developed RPG toolset, RPG Maker MZ, on PC-via Steam this summer.

RPG Maker MZ is the latest RPG Maker titles to release and allows gamers to create video games with no programming knowledge required. The toolset has been designed to assist those interested in game design and handle much of the programming side of things as players can focus on story and other elements.

RPG Maker MZ offers some new features included a Map Editor that allows players to build towns and dungeons as if they are drawing a picture. The Map Editor tool is full of new features that will be revealed soon. Additionally, there will be a character generation tool available where you can place your own original characters and then create different varieties using a function.

The toolset will allow event customization along with a test play option that will enable you to play the game as you are creating without launching another platform. Furthermore, players who wish to create more complex games can use the plugin feature, which will receive more information soon.

Soon the publisher will reveal details on players can launch and play other games made using the tool.

You can check out screenshots below:

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