Adventure RPG ‘iii: Revolving Wonderland’ Revealed in Debut Trailer

WSS Playground announced iii: Revolving Wonderland is currently in development for a PC-via Steam release.

iii: Revolving Wonderland is an RPG from a solo developer that features pixel art that blends 3D and live-2D assets. Players will explore a broken world “full of happiness” and hear people’s wishes as they seek the truth. The outcome of this world is up to the choices of the player.

The main character can fix this world using a paintbrush which symbolizes that they have the power. Whether players use that power to grant the inhabitants’ “wishes,” ignore them or actively abuse them is up to them.

The graphics, scenario, game design, and programming for iii: Revolving Wonderland were handled by a single developer, with sirosakurai handling the music and Daichi Saito acting as producer and editor.

While choices affect the world, the game doesn’t have one single, definitive ending. Players are brought to the world by the Pseudo-Egg. By interacting with NPCs, players can make some heavy choices that alter events. Some characters may try and get the player to destroy the world or save it.

Battles in the game have a rhythm to them. Additionally, mini-game and environment puzzles have players paint things like fire to get through areas.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of iii: Revolving Wonderland.

For now, check out the trailer below to get a preview of the gameplay:

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