Romance Visual Novel ‘Zeta Wolf: Chronicles’ Launches Free Demo

AniClash Studios launched a demo for their romance visual novel Zeta Wolf Chronicles, which is currently in development on PC with a planned future Kickstarter.

The playable demo is 90 minutes long and features a few different choice options during dialog and multiple endings. The demo is also partially voiced with English audio. You can download the demo now for free on

Zeta Wolf Chronicles is a romance visual novel with point-and-click gameplay mechanics. Players assume the role of Rayen, who isn’t the most popular kid in school, but in his senior year, he vows to get a girlfriend. However, he probably doesn’t plan for what happens next.

Throughout the demo, players will get an understanding of the story’s plot and how Rayen fits in all of it. Given that Rayen suffers from desperation and anxiety, his conversations don’t always go the way he wanted them too, and the developer wanted to portray a sense of realism in the dialogue.

Currently, the team is planning to launch a Kickstarter, and will update the demo with new builds based on feedback from those who have played.

More about the team and the demo can be found on the game’s page.

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