Romance Visual Novel ‘Yukikoi Melt’ Coming West to PC This April

Frontwing announced that they will publish their romance visual novel Yukikoi Melt in the west on PC-via Steam in April 2020. The game launched in Japan in 2015 and is now receiving a western release.

Yukikoi Melt tells the story of a man named Miharu Okazaki, who serves as the protagonist. Evidently, Miharu hates the winter, which sucks for him after he moves to the snowy village, Yubane. Luckily, the girls of the Winter Club are here to introduce the joys of the cold season to him.

Miharu begrudgingly joins the club, but he’d much rather be hibernating. In order to get him in the mood, they invite him to a hot spring. Through the fun times of snowball fights and ice sculptures, Miharu realizes that there might be a deeper meaning behind the fun. Soon, he feels his frozen heart begin to melt.

The developers describe the mature content as “Rare mild references to alcoholic beverages” and “Rare mild references to bad language or bath humor.”

In Japan, the game did receive an 18+ version. However, there is no word on if this version will be coming west by way of a patch. Frontwing hasn’t typically been one to shy away from releasing the adult content.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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